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The Parkhurst Home

Pictures Coming Soon...

The Parkhurst House was the grandest mansion in Elkland at one time. It was even larger than Marigold Manor. The owner, as the name suggests, was Joel Parkhurst, a local aristocrat who could only have the best. The home was built on the corner of S. Buffalo and Main streets after the present Kenyon home was moved. The mansion seemed to be a cross between Queen Anne and Victorian styles. It was grande. After Joel died, the home stayed in the family. It was owned by his son Benjamin H. and also one of his two daughters that survived at birth, Anna. Anna married Charles L. Pattison and lived in Marigold Manor at one time, but as a widow, she lived in the Parkhurst Home. Since then, the home has turned into a bar, the Moose. Beauty to beast.


Joel Parkhurst

I believe that there were two Joel Parkhursts. One was Joel G. Parkhurst of whom lived in the Larson Estate before Joel Parkhurst of whom built this mansion. Joel Parkhurst was born in New Hampshire. He taught school and studied medicine, became a surveyor, and entered the mercantile business. He came from Lawrenceville in 1828, and he became a partner with Ryon and Tubbs in their store. Later he bought out his partners and conducted the business alone. He became an early postmaster of Elkland. In 1867, he and John Parkhurst established the banking house of J. & J. Parkhurst. Joel became intimately identified with the principal manufacturing enterprises of Elkland. Mr. Parkhurst became one of the wealthiest men in the Cowanesque Valley. He contributed much to the grownth of Elkland. He was married twice, first to Emeline Allen, who bore him 8 children, only one, Anna, of which did not die at birth. His second wife bore him a son, Benjamin, and a daughter, Susan. Anna married Charles L. Pattison.

Pictures of the house will be coming soon as well as a picture of Joel Parkhurst...

The above biography of Joel Parkhurst came from the Elkland Centenniel 1850-1950, and pages 835-836 of the 1897 History of Tioga County